Useful Tips and Tricks for E-Cigarette Users

You might have been using e cigs for a very long time but you want to maximize your smoking experience. You want to know whether there are any e cigarettes tips and tricks by which your e-cig experience will improve. Most users usually do share their smoking tips and tricks and online and we’ve collected a few for you to go through.


So here goes:

1. A single battery can provide up to 300 puffs. However, it also depends on how much you smoke and how frequently. As a result, we usually provide e cig USB chargers and replaceable batteries for all our gadgets.
2. Buy your liquid from a single supplier and allow it to sit in the shade for some time. For some people this seems to work by marrying the flavors better and damping down the nicotine. The exact process is unknown but it is effective in creating a much better flavor over a period of time.
3. Always start with a lower nicotine dose and then move upward. Too high doses may cause addition and they can be dangerous as well. Try to stick to a conventional low dose e cigarette to ensure that you remain healthy and your lungs adapt to the taste and flavor.
4. Long and slow puffs on your electronic cigarette are the best. For example, most people take a 2 second inhalation and then breathe out. For a stronger back of the throat hit, you can inhale for 3 seconds and then breathe out. However, slow and easy puffs are the best to ensure that you get the best from the vape liquid. Short hard puffs are not recommended as they pull the liquid immediately into the atomizer, flood the unit and damage it. Sometimes, the liquid may also spill into the mouth causing a very unpleasant taste in the mouth as well.
5. Do not charge your battery for longer than necessary. This can damage the battery and the unit and void your 30-day warranty
6. Always try to use the same brand unit with the same vape liquid for the best results. This will ensure that your unit lasts longer. If you have to change, see whether you can use alternative units on your cigarettes to prevent the unit getting damaged.
7. Always try to clean the battery connector with a cotton Q tip and some rubbing alcohol. This is because the connector usually gets clogged with vape e-liquid and decreases your smoking pleasure. Cleaning with a cotton Q tip will improve your experience and increase the length of your battery life as well.
8. In case you experience problems, you can always return your unit to the manufacturer or the website you purchased your unit from. Not all websites offer repair and maintenance but we do and we recommend you purchase from us just for this reason. We also offer a limited warranty and guarantee on the goods you buy from us and this protects you considerably.

The bottom line

We recommend you buy your units from a reliable dealer and use the best quality vape liquids possible. There are cheaper alternatives online but these are not a good idea as they may affect your lungs and your overall health. We are one of the premier e-smoking retailers online as we make sure that our customers get the best. All you have to do is go online and take a look through our database to understand how it works. With our expert help and experience, you will easily get the best possible electronic cigarettes, kits and vape units online.